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As the name implies, the pair's amalgam of Afro-Cuban Son & Rumba rhythm section with ballin' Funky R&B saxophone stylings and often humorous vocal chants echoes the mid-sixties Latino New York hybrid of Soul & Funk and Mambo & Cha Cha Cha known as BOOGALOO.

Unlike the click-edit-paste merchants of today's home studio denizens: these multi-tracked self-compositions are similarly executed entirely with ACOUSTIC instruments.

As a run-on from this activity, they are keen to extend this distinctive form of accompaniment to other artiste-composers. This has been exemplified by their recent collaboration with Toxteth soul songstress PAULINE WIGGINS and the somewhat "Deadwood"-styled incidental themes provided for the Wild West amateur short film "DUSTY RIDGE" produced by the staff & residents of South Wirral's HFT foundation.

In 2007, the duo were reunited with former Grupo Havana bandmate Bernardo Velasco and integrated into the line up of (live band) IGUANA, along with some of their repertoire. This year, they ran off the soundtrack for another film for HFT, this time a melodrama "Race for a Life" and as yet in the pipeline.


güiro (gourd scraper); conga(s); timbales; various hand percussion; vocals.

Tom was already ['trap kit'] drummer with KARL TERRY & THE CRUISERS in the late-70's when Gaz was 'inducted' into the band...which subsequently morphed into the original Jump-Jive/R'n'R GAZ & THE GROOVERS, after an artistic 'coup/mutiny' at decade's end.
Tom readily shared Gaz's by now well-embedded addiction for "Salsa" & Afro-Cuban music and they even convinced the group to participate on an in-show instrumental Mambo feature.
At the end of an eventful 1983 half season in Ibiza's notorious San Antonio, Tom departed, temporarily hanging up his Rock 'n' Roll shoes, in a bid to retain his sanity!

When Gaz returned from Germany in the mid-90s and decided to devote a good half of his endeavours pursuing the performance of Latin music, Tom was his natural choice as accomplice. After navigating various line-up reshuffles, The BOOGALOO BROTHERS is the inevitable outcome..."and then there were two"!!

bongos; acoustic bass guitar; tres (double-stringed guitar); tenor sax; vocals.



via email

From: Judith Gillmore
Sent: Thu 31/08/2006 14:43
To: Tom Maguire
Subject: DVD

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the dvd "Dusty Ridge a towns last chance".

The dvd was very entertaining and it was so lovely to see the people really enjoying themselves and having plenty of fun.The acting was brilliant, the script was very well written and the narrator did an excellent job of keeping it all together. The music by the Boogaloo Brothers was perfect for the country and western theme.

Lastly watching the dvd made my job seem even more rewarding, I have never worked for a charity before there is a totally different atmosphere here, it was good to be reminded of the real point of my job.

Best wishes


LIVERPOOL ECHO: Thursday 20 July 2006