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via email (2007)

(Newcastle-under-Lyme "Blues & Soul Singer/Personality")

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From: "Connie Atkinson" (
To: (
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 23:07:49-0600
Subject: New Year's gig for New Orleans

Hi Gaz,
"It's a great and good thing you're doing with the benefit on New Year's - Everyone who's heard about it here just loves it - People in the US are already forgetting us, so it's heartening to know somebody somewhere remembers"....

"The money's not really the thing - it's the thought that counts these days. PLEASE be sure to get someone to take pictures and send them to us, so we can put them in the paper, etc., and show the support. It would mean so much.

Wish I could be there - your songlist sounds killer (although I'd not leave out Chris Kenner!).
Connie Atkinson.

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