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 "Mambo y Rumba" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Guaguanco Banana" (Gaskell/Maguire).
 "Gorilla Mambo" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Skin On Skin" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Mambo Cruise" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Come On And Get Up" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Everybody Dance, Everybody Sing" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Searching For An Answer" (Gaskell/Maguire)
 with PAULINE WIGGINS: "Right Back in The Blue" (Wiggins, arr. Gaskell/Maguire)
 with PAULINE WIGGINS: "Stop, Sit Down" (Wiggins, arr. Gaskell/Maguire)
SOUNDTRACK FROM DUSTY RIDGE..."A Town's Last Chance" (ALL Gaskell/Maguire)
 MAIN THEME "A Taste Of De Old Country"
 "Dancin' Dan"
 "Snicketty Pass"
 "Time Passin' Slow"
 "Callin' All Cowhands"
 "Blue-Eyed Rosie"
 "Come and Get It (Chow-Down)"
SOUNDTRACK FROM MELODRAMA..."Race For A Life" (ALL Gaskell/Maguire)
 "Sweet Laura"
 "The Baddie Chord"
 "The Baddie Theme"
 "Eddie's Theme"
 "Racing Driver Number 1"
 "Racing Driver Number 2"
 "Ridin' A Car"
Re-recordings of Polish Pop Hits by various British musicians
 "She Really Loves Me"
 "Mohair Berets"