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Gaz Gaskell is a Merseyside musician, entertainer, bandleader and solo entrepreneurů
"What you see is what you get!"

A good deal of the first half of his 40-year professional career was spent abroad:-
- 4 years Italy in the late 60s (soul crooner NEVIL CAMERON & THE GROOVE)
- Two-month headline Australian tour with 70s 'supergroup' SUPERCHARGE
- UK: University/Rock circuit then 6 years fronting original R'n'R GAZ & THE GROOVERS
- 9 Years Germany/Switzerland (touring also Austria, Netherlands, Norway & France) with R&B/Funk 'concept' band JUKE, taking in events like: Tina Onassis' wedding in Paris Maxim's; New Year's Eve at Adnan Kashoggi's Marbella villa; BEN E. KING UK/European tour, visiting Glastonbury, London Palladium, Montreux Jazz Festival etc.


Mid-90s: Returns to native Merseyside, forms own 5-piece 'party band' under the banner of GAZ & THE GROOVERS again, later diversifying with the more 'relaxed' BOSSA NOVA DUO. Enduring enthusiasm for Afro-Cuban music & Salsa leads to GRUPO HAVANA with fellow aficionado, erstwhile bandmate Tom Maguire, the two persevering since as studio project

2000s: In demand for freelance gigs. Several appearances at MATHEW STREEET FESTIVAL

2004: "Special guest" stints with former crony ALBIE DONNELLY's Supercharge, R & B wizard ZOOT MONEY and Rock'n'Roll veterans KINGSIZE TAYLOR & THE DOMINOES result in nostalgic trips back to Germany and Switzerland.

1 JANUARY 2006: For "HAPPY NEW YEAR, NEW ORLEANS" awareness event at CAVERN club, recruits "Merseyside Rhythm & Blues VOLUNTEERS", bringing over guest New Orleanian pal, former "Gatemouth" Brown MD JOE SUNSERI on baritone sax plus Maria Muldaur associate CRANSTON CLEMENTS on guitar.
Follow-on benefit 30 APRIL with the MERSEYSIPPI JAZZ BAND.

2007: Finally re-joins forces with Grupo Havana comrade Bernardo Velasco in IGUANA to continue his tropical music infatuation, with the accent on Mambos, Boogaloos & Salsa.

2009: Approached by Bossa Nova Duo originator: guitarist ANDY LEWIS to participate in his new hand-picked group, dedicated to cultivating "Mad Men"-era funky soulful Jazz - 'Neon Chevy Bop' - and subsequently named JAZZ UNION.

2010: The BOSSA NOVA TRIO results from the addition of Jazz Union's double bass player PAUL McRAE to the previous duo, expanding its Jazz soloing capability at a stroke.

2012: 'Unveiled' on 22 December 2011 at Telford's Warehouse, Chester: BOSSA NOVA BOOGALOO - to further explore & intertwine grooves from Rio to New York to Havana, a five-piece merger of the Bossa Nova Trio & Boogaloo Brothers (N.B. which both continue to operate individually)